Mitracom Computers

General information


This is the second generation of the world's first hexacore notebook.

It is called the Monster II notebook. The specifications will explain why.

.Why should anyone need a Monster II notebook?

Because it holds up to a 3.73GHz HEXACORE (6 core) CPU, up to 12GB~24GB DDR3, up to 3TB of storage space with speeds up to 560MB/s and up to 2x nVidia Geforce 580GTX 2GB [SLI] graphics or nVidia Quadro 5010 4GB OpenGL professional graphics cards. It will be able to support up to two external displays on high resolution simultaneously through HDMI/DVI. Oh yes, it also has a LED Backlit FullHD screen. NON-Glare is optional!

Simply put, it is the one and only portable answer to the clunky high end desktop workstation (or server) sitting under your desk. And incidentally also the most powerful notebook system available worldwide!

.What is a Monster II notebook typically used for?

It delivers 64-bit workstation-class performance, designed specifically to provide the user a viable portable alternative to the clunky high end desktop workstations (or servers) of today without any compromise. It is the perfect choice for: